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We are continually encouraging our fans to take advantage of their opportunities. We are trying to do our part by creating bursaries open to all Canadian students! 


Stay tuned for our 2015 Bursary Application launching this fall!


Lucy McGillivary - 2014/2015 Neechie Gear

High School Leadership Bursary Recipient!

Hi my name is Lucy McGillivary and I am from Muskeg Lake Cree Nation, Saskatchewan. I am 18 years old and finishing my grade 12 at Oskayak High School in Saskatoon. My single mother has raised my sisters and me, she always taught us to pursue our dreams and do something great with our lives. McDonald’s has recently employed me while showing my little sister to persist and keep moving forward and while she is getting an education. I hope to graduate with highest marks and be the valedictorian for my school, for post-secondary I would like to go into wielding at SIAST. I believe greatly in our Cree culture, I try practice our culture as much as I can. 


-Congratulations Lucy McGillivary!



Alyssa Kaiswatum -  2013 Neechie Gear 

High School Leadership Bursary Recipient!

Alyssa is from Piapot First Nation, Saskatchewan. As a student, she attends a college in the United States as an athlete on their softball team. She is a great role model for youth because of her work ethic dedicated to academics and a healthy lifestyle. She has competed at the International level, USA college level and Canadian College level in softball. She hopes to complete a degree in Kinesiology and follow up with Physical Therapy College. At the same time, she wants to encourage and educated First Nations people to live a healthy lifestyle. Giving back is the most important thing she wants to do through coaching because it breaks barriers for youth. She dedicates a lot of her success from abstaining from drugs and alcohol at a young age and focusing on what she wanted to accomplish in her life. The future is very bright for Alyssa!

- Congratulations Alyssa!





Kesha Tipewan -  2013 Neechie Gear 

High School Leadership Bursary Recipient!

Kesha is from Witchekan Lake First Nation, Saskatchewan. She recently graduated from Spiritwood High School with the highest overall academic average from a First Nation student in a small town community. She has also been on the honor roll since grade 8. Coming from a single parent family, her mother had struggled to put her through school and sports. She also encouraged Kesha to not give up as education is the key to success. She plans to continue into post-secondary as she is now enrolled in Social Work at the First Nations University of Canada in Saskatoon, SK. Kesha continues to volunteer her time at cultural events, sporting events and with youth. Her success does not go unnoticed as she is a recent recipient of the Sasktel Aboriginal Youth Award. Amazing, keep moving forward Kesha!

- Congratulations Kesha!






Dallas Joseph -  2012 Neechie Gear 

High School Leadership Bursary Recipient!

My name is Dallas Joseph and I am from Big River First Nation. I am 18 years old and just graduated out of the Se Se Wa Hum High School. I was the valedictorian for my school, was also able to recieve many awards. I have pursued achieving highly and work hard everyday. I am the youngest of my family, and the first to graduate. I am also seen as one of the young leaders of my community. I like showing that by teaching the young children, that there's more out there to life. We just have to keep working hard and never give up. I also believe in our cree culture. I always help and and practice our Cree ways. I will be going to the University of Saskatchewan and doing my first year of Arts and Science program. Later, I will be looking forward to moving into Education and majoring in English and History. Teaching is one thing that I wanted to do ever since grade 9. Since then I have been pushing hard in reaching my goals.

- Dallas Joseph










Kesha Tipewan -  2013 Neechie Gear 

High School Leadership Bursary Recipient!

I have been accepted in University of Saskatchewan and starting off with 1st year Arts & Science.Being accepted into University is a great honor and gives me a feeling of accomplishment. Throughout my high school years I have been very active in extra- curricular sports, I have a very high passion for volleyball and have been to five school provincial tournaments, I also love beach volleyball and I have traveled to many locations in order to participate in these events, two cities which are the capitals of two provinces, ”Regina and Toronto.” Having participated in so many school sports I was awarded the Senior Male Athlete of the Year. I have participated in other extra-curricular activities within the school such as helping coach the senior girl’s volleyball team for two years. I have attended the Canadian Beach Volleyball Nationals twice in Toronto, Ontario and the Northern American Indigenous Games for indoor volleyball in British Columbia.

I have also been nominated for different awards such as the Sasktel Aboriginal Awards of excellence, Lieutenant Governor’s award and several other academic and sports awards, out of all the nominations throughout high school I did receive the Northern Student Achievement award, Northern Aboriginal Awards of excellence, Student of the Year (2X) and Senior Male Athlete of the Year.

My academics for high school are above average and one of the top students in most of my classes. My marks have put me on honor roll in school since grade eight. My career plan after graduation of 2012, enter into University, complete my Arts and Science and in the future get my degree in Computer Engineering, it is my goal. My other interests that most appeal to me are science and health related jobs, lab technician and geologist. The course that I have chosen will help me to achieve my goal and I know I will succeed in Computer engineering because I know I am the future and will design the next i-pod for upcoming generations. 

- Michael Roy








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