Lindsay Knight aka Eekwol, is an award winning hip hop emcee from Cree Territory in Saskatchewan and a member of Muskoday First Nation. For Eekwol, creation brings growth in all aspects of life. With the birth of her son comes the birth of a new style of music. As a dedicated hip hop emcee, Eekwol astounds her listeners with honest and direct words that come from places both original and groundbreaking. With a lifelong background of Plains Cree Indigenous music, she gives the audience a balanced and healthy taste of hip hop that comes from her land and place while respecting the history of hip hop and its roots. 

In September 2009, Eekwol released, Niso, a solo EP dedicated to her baby boy and meant to showcase different producers and styles of sound while keeping true to her bold words and message. Last summer, she has been fortunate to perform at various festivals such as the Vancouver Island Music Festival, Dawson City Music Festival and the Aboriginal Music Festival. Thanks to these opportunities she has received crazy bookings carrying her right into summer 2010. She continues to promote her new release through performances/presentations and arts education work with young people. She is also involved in a music video with Mils, producer/rapper/brother to be completed by Summer 2010. 

- Eekwol


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