Kasp Sawan grew up in East Vancouver and by the age of 9 had witnessed more trauma and abuse then most grown adults will ever face in a lifetime. Experiencing multi-generational trauma and abuse brought upon his family and community from the residential school era. He grew up in and out of the care of the child welfare system and eventually ended up in group homes and spent time living on the street. Kasp grew up living in the dysfunctional cycle of alcoholism and drug abuse and turned to his music as a way to escape and deal with his harsh reality. He eventually moved from Vancouver and became part of a crew which developed, wrote, produced and marketed their own music independently and went on to win numerous prestigious awards that gave him national recognition.

Kasp has struggled with his own personal issues and alcoholism and continues to learn, grow, share and inspire through his music and story. He has experienced that you have to face your past in order to move forward, and has fallen but stands tall today to share his story and maintains his sobriety through his traditional and spiritual beliefs, participating in canoe journeys with youth, step programs and personal development. He balances his personal, family, and career life through honesty and commitment. Kasp's focus has shifted his music to a whole new level and he shares it with youth to motivate them to persevere no matter what happens in life. His songs tell a story of his struggle and success, and he shares the timeline of his life with others to help others have the strength to do the same. Kasp is dedicating his life to his family, his community and his people to show the youth that there is hope for a better today and brighter tomorrow.

2011 Canadian Aboriginal Music Award Nominee "Best Hip Hop Album"

2008 Canadian Aboriginal Music Awards "Best Hip Hop Album"

2008 Nominee Aboriginal Peoples Choice Music Award for "Entertainer Of The Year"

2008 Nominee Aboriginal Peoples Choice Music Award for "Best Group Our Duo"

2008 BC lnterior Music Awards for Hip Hop Group Of The Year

2008 West Coast Native American Music Award "Youth Award"

2007 Aboriginal Peoples Choice Award Winner For "Best Hip Hop/Rap CD"

2007 B.C. Okanagan Music Award for Hip Hop Group Of The Year

2006 B.C. Okanagan Music Award for Hip Hop Group Of The Year

2005 B.C. Okanagan Music Award for Hip Hop Group Of The Year

2004 B.C. Okanagan Music Award for Hip Hop Group Of The Year

2002 Nominee for Canadian Aboriginal Music Awards For Best Hip Hop Album

2002 Aboriginal Innovative New Media Award

2001 E.D.D.Y. Award for Social Change


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