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Nitasha ‘Tiger’ Half is a competitive kickboxer, mother and student pursuing an undergraduate degree in science. Originally from Saddle Lake First Nation in Alberta, she is passionate about her sport and being a role model to youth. “I had struggled to find where I belonged growing up in my early years.” Nitasha became a mother at nineteen. In 2008 she escaped a house fire. Weeks later, she survived a serious car crash and was laid off from work. Nitasha then moved to Ontario, became a youth case worker and took up kickboxing. In the ring and out, Nitasha faces challenges with the spirit of a fighter: “My first bout was my first loss. I will never allow myself to be distracted or caught off guard again. Even champions have losses – we aren’t born champions. We are molded and shaped from our experiences.” 

She went on to join a top amateur team based in Virginia and fought at the 2011 U.S. national kickboxing competition – winning both her matches and the championship belt. Since then, the ‘Tiger’ has continued her academic studies and martial arts training, while adding to her collection of trophies and medals.

Nitasha sees many reasons for her success. Being a mother gave her purpose and kept her on the right path, she says. She is thankful for the support of family, friends, and fans “and past mentors who have taught me their skills, wisdom and knowledge.”

She shares what she’s learned along the way: “The lessons I have learned were discipline, courage, and inner strength. Giving up things in life in order to reach my goals, and part of that was having no involvement with partying and smoking cigarettes…It affects our energy and the concentration to fight.”  

Among her many efforts to inspire and teach youth, Nitasha has held introductory kickboxing courses in Saddle Lake and GoodFish Lake. “The world is full of opportunities,” she tells her students. “You must follow your heart and ask for guidance and keep your eyes open for signs along the path. Never forget your roots and where you come from. Gain the wisdom, knowledge and the experience so you can sharpen your talents then pass it on to the next generation.”

While raising her daughter and training six days a week Nitasha’s is working toward her brown belt and completing her science degree. She’s also writing a column online for Whisper n Thunder magazine. Her long term goals include a black belt and opening her own dojo. You can follow Nitasha as she continues on her journey on her Facebook page or website,

"Change is a mere shade of what's stored ahead. Strive to make your dreams become reality; it's never too late. It's only too late when you say it is."
~Nitasha Tiger Half

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