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Quentin Dreaver is a feature Neechie Gear Role Model who attended school from Kindergarten to Grade 12 all in Big River First Nation at Se-Se-Wa-Hum school. He then graduated in 2009 , with awards including:

He has kept active in his community and sporting life:

After high school he attended the University of Saskatchewan in 2010-11 for 2 semesters.Quentin is now attending Lakeland College for Fall and Winter of 2011-12. In summer 2011 he started playing soccer with the Rustlers at Lakeland College in Lloydminister, where he plans to study and play for the next few years.

He reamains traditional by being involved with his culture, attending Sweats, Chicken Dances, Horse Dances, Sundances and other ceremonies back on his First Nation. He enjoys traveling during the winter to Round Dances and Pow-Wows all over Sask & Alberta. 

His closing quote is:

"Life is what you make of it, and nowhere is it written that there are limits to what we can achieve as First Nations. Don't lower your standards to meet your expectations; instead raise your standards to exceed your expectations" - QD

- Quentin Dreaver

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