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Zak was born on April 3rd, 1992 and was raised in North Battleford. A member of the Sweetgrass First Nation. He is the second oldest of four brothers (Robin, Riley and Tommy), and parents are Bill and Patti Ironstand. Zak was never really interested in sports till grade nine when he got to the North Battleford Comprehensive High School. He was asked to play football because of my size and his dad really encouraged him to play, after the first practice he fell in love with the sport. Zak also decided to try out for the basketball team at school and really started to enjoy playing that too. As time went on he started to excel at both sports, especially football. Through his years at NBCHS he won numerous awards in sports:

-2007 NBCHS Jr. Football Defensive Player of the Year
-2007 NBCHS JV Basketball Player of the Year
-2008 NBCHS Sr. Football Defensive Lineman of the Year
-2008 Provincial 4A Basketball Champion
-2009 NBCHS Sr. Football Defensive Lineman of the Year
-2009 Provincial 4A Basketball Champion
-2009/2010 NBCHS Jock of the Year
In his grade 12 year, he decided that he wanted to keep going with football. He attended a try out for the Saskatoon Hilltops team in the spring of 2010, after making first cuts Zak was invited back to main camp where he earned a roster spot with the team. During his first year with the Hilltops, he made the travel roster for a Winnipeg Rifles game. Being one of only two defensive lineman rookies to travel at year, we also won the National Championship that year which was amazing to be apart of. Zak left the Hilltops during the 2011 season and decided that he wanted to go play in BC. After researching teams, Zak decided to go try out for the Okanagan Sun in Kelowna.

Zak's dream is to one day play professional football and play for as long as he can. After his football career he would like to become a firefighter or own and operate a hunting outfitting.

When Zak is not playing football or training for it, his hobbies are hunting and being outdoors, long-boarding, playing basketball whenever he can, and just hanging out with his friends and family.

"I am proud to be a First Nation and to show our youth that through hard work you can reach your goals and be successful. If you want something, Go get it."

- Zak Ironstand


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